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Tailoring Life Insurance Coverage to You & Your Family

Safeguard the future of your loved ones with life insurance coverage from Roma Insurance Agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our policy options include term and permanent universal life coverage.

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance could be the right choice when you're looking for temporary coverage to fit your current family or business needs. These policies generally provide the most coverage for your dollar. What's more, several of the policies are renewable or convertible to permanent coverage that lock in your premium cost over the life of the policy, which can mean huge savings during the course of you and your family's lifetime.

Low Fixed Rates

What we offer is very affordable term coverage with life insurance benefits that are guaranteed not to decrease. The premiums are also guaranteed not to increase over the life of the policies, which can be your choice of 10, 20, or 30 years. After the level premium period, premiums increase annually based on your age, while coverage remains in force to age 90.

In Oregon only, coverage remains in force for a total of 15 years for the 10-year level term, 25 years for the 20-year level term, and 40 years for the 30-year level term.

Permanent Insurance

Sometimes basic life insurance isn't the right choice. Universal Life Insurance is designed to help provide protection that fits your changing financial situation with flexible coverage, options for timing and method of premium payment, and many useful features and options, all in order to tailor coverage to your personal needs. Our universal life policies could help you in your preparation for the future. Just contact us for explanation.


We offer a low minimum coverage to help you get started. Permanent coverage is available in amounts as low as $10,000 for seniors ($25,000 for juveniles and over age 50).

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A minimum premium is required the first year, with the option of changing the timing or amount of payment afterwards. 

Cash Value 

Every month, cash value is credited to the policy to give you full benefits from the time you pay your premium. You also get competitive interest rates. 

Customer Discount

Receive a discount of up to 20% on the monthly underwriting and sales expense charge of your policy if you have a qualifying auto, home, or additional life insurance policies, or an annuity with our agency.